Sunset Baby By Dominique Morisseau Kenyatta Shakur is alone. His wife has died, and now, this one time Black Revolutionary and political prisoner, is desperate to reconnect with his estranged daughter Nina. If Kenyatta truly wants to reconcile his past, he must first conquer his most challenging revolution of all – fatherhood. Directed by Kenny Dozier Starring Joel Diggs, Clark Harris, and Shashone Lambert-Short Porter Sandford III Performimg Arts & Community Center 3181 Rainbow Drive Decatur, Ga 30034  Tickets $15 Call (404) 405-3280 email: Senior Show Wednesday , June 27th 10 AM


Executive Producer D. Venson collaborates with Kennie Playhouse Theatre  and brings

"Sunset Baby" to Georgia!

D. Venson

Kenny Dozier

Shashone Lambert-Short

Joel Diggs

Clark Harris